An Open Letter on America’s 200 Million Hidden Abortions
An Open Letter on America’s 200 Million Hidden Abortions

August 29, 2018 Note about this letter

I wrote this on January 19, 1998. Much has changed in me as I have matured as a follower of the Lord Jesus Christ and while I stand with most of what I wrote over 20 years ago, one major thing has changed. Simply put, in keeping with 1st Samuel 8, I am a repentant voter and no longer participate in the political realm. While there can be a long dialog on that, please keep in mind the main point of the article, that is abortion of human life.

On the life question, another part of my maturing is to point the Christian to the Lord’s first commandment to man in Genesis 1:28 “...Be fruitful and multiply...” If the Christian community ignores the Lord’s first command, then there is no place given to impose on others.

Otherwise the letter below is unchanged for 20 years, but the actual numbers are much higher than back then.

In 20 years, no one has yet engaged me in serious dialog on the subject presented.

However, while only one wife, I no longer have just four children but NINE walking the earth and three standing before the Lord. PRAISE THE LORD!

February 4, 2013 Note about this letter

This was sent out to a large list of churches and pastors on January 19, 1998 as I was a candidate for the US House of Representatives.  Not one comment was received.  As I review it today it seems our indifference has grown.  This saddens me greatly.

I still welcome comments.  You still have time to be the first.

Dear …,

This is not a fundraising letter.  I want to express to you a concern as we approach Sanctity of Human Life Sunday this weekend.  The life of the unborn and the many that have been lost has deeply affected me.  The Lord gave me a passion in this area, and He used it to bring me into His church.  He has granted me over fifteen years of volunteer ministry to the unborn and their parents.  The Lord has also protected me from the pain of abortion.  I do not have any aborted children and, thus far, the Lord has prevented any miscarriages.  My wife and I delight that she is carrying our fourth child who is yet unborn.

My wife and I believe that the Lord has called me to leave my over twenty years in the computer industry and seek public office in the U.S. Congress fundamentally to be a representative of the unborn.  Yes, to stand against partial birth abortion.  And yes, to stand with those who seek a Constitutional Amendment to protect the lives of the unborn.  But, most importantly, to speak for an approximately 200 million unborn who are not discussed.

We lament the fact that we are approaching 40 million abortions since Roe v. Wade.  However, we need to be informed that this figure is for surgical abortions only.  If we add the number of human lives that are aborted by chemical or mechanical means, typically at the earliest days of life, the number explodes to approximately 250 million.  That is about one dead baby for every man, woman, and child alive in the United States today.

What I want to do in this letter is to explain how these lives are taken.  I then ask that you share this with others on the 25th Anniversary of Roe v. Wade, on Sanctity of Human Life Sunday, and whenever you feel called to defend the lives of the unborn.

I grew up in the `60s and remember the warnings then about Venereal Disease (VD).  We now call the same thing Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD).  I do believe that the new name leaves a clearer message as to what is being discussed.

However, there was another change.  In the `60s we talked about “contraception”.  Now we talk about “birth control,” but this is not a clarification of the term.  It is a change in the meaning. I do not believe that this change was by accident. Contraception, by definition, is the prevention of conception.  Birth control, by definition, is the regulation of birth, which includes contraception and abortion. By seeding in people’s minds that birth control means contraception, an uninformed couple who desires contraception will frequently end up unknowingly aborting their own children.

The medical community even changed the meaning of conception.  Up to the 1960s, conception was defined as the moment of fertilization, the time the sperm united with the egg.  Now it is considered the time of implantation.  Implantation occurs several days after conception and after many cell divisions.  It is around this time that most abortions occur.

Before I describe which birth control methods are sometimes or always abortifacients, let me demonstrate that the moment of conception, meaning the moment of fertilization, is when a new life begins, from both medical and theological evidence.

All that is necessary for a human being to survive is food, water, oxygen, and a hospitable environment.  This is true for the first day after fertilization, the first day after birth, or the first day of being eighty years old.  Deny any of the four long enough and one will die.  All the mother is doing for her unborn child is providing those four things.  The child is developing by itself.  Even the placenta is part of the child’s body, not the mother’s.  In-vitro fertilization has demonstrated that one can take an egg from woman A and fertilize it with sperm from man B in a dish, then implant the fertilized egg in woman C.  Woman C will then give birth to a child that is in no way her own, but the child of woman A and man B.  This new life started at fertilization.

Psalm 51:5 reads “Surely I was sinful at birth, sinful from the time my mother conceived me.”  Rocks do not sin.  Tomatoes do not sin.  People, and only people, sin.  When I was born into the world, I was sinful.  When I was conceived, when I was just a single cell, the union of two, I was sinful. Therefore, if during the time that I was making the short trip to implant myself in the wall of my mother’s womb I was killed, or if my mother’s womb was made inhospitable to me and I died, I would have been aborted.  The Lord’s gift, to be knit by His loving hands in my mother’s womb, would have been denied.

Frequently we hear in church that about one in four women have had an abortion.  In reality, it is probably more likely that only one in four have not had an abortion.  We must inform people.  We must have this stop.

I will now describe the abortifacients.  These products kill more people in the United States each year than all other forms of death combined, including surgical abortion.

Intrauterine Devices (IUD)

The IUD irritates the endometrium, the lining of the uterus, and makes it inhospitable to the developing child.  The IUD is purely an abortifacient.  IUDs alone are responsible for three to four million abortions annually in the United States alone.

Norplant, Depo-Provera, and the Pill

All three of these forms of birth control work in three ways.  The first way is to prevent ovulation.  The second is to thicken the mucus in the uterus, which reduces the possibility of a sperm reaching the egg.  And the final way is to affect the endometrium, in a way that prevents implantation and aborts the child.

When the pill was first introduced it had a much higher dosage and therefore worked mostly in the first phase, but the serious side effects of the Pill caused researchers to develop a low-dose pill, the only kind in use today.  The low-dose pill’s effectiveness in the first phase is reduced significantly.  Some well-researched estimates state that Norplant is responsible for two to three million abortions per year in the United States alone.  Depo-Provera is responsible for an additional one to two million.  And the Pill takes credit for one to four million abortions.

The actual number of abortions in the United States per year is not 1.5 million, but somewhere between 10 and 15 million.  Counting surgical abortions alone ignores as much as 90% of the lives that are lost each year.  These lives are just as precious as those lost through surgical abortion.  They must not be ignored.  The parents of those dead children must be told — not to condemn them, but to stop them and others from unknowingly continuing the killing.

If it truly is the Lord’s plan that I be elected to the United States Congress, then I will make every effort there to pass legislation that would require all birth control products to be clearly labeled as contraceptives (working before fertilization), abortifacients, or both.  This does not limit the current abortion-on-demand environment that we currently have, but it does allow those who do not want to abort their children to be allowed to make an informed choice.

Irrespective of the law of the land, I believe we have the responsibility to prevent the deaths of millions each year by "Speaking up for those who cannot speak for themselves.”(Proverbs 31:8A)  I hope that you will consider using this Sunday, as we remember those lost by surgical abortion, to speak of those lost by all forms of abortion.  Perhaps, in doing so, many lives will not be taken by this silent killer.

I am in the continual process of developing a web site,, for the purpose of my campaign.  On that site I am putting the information in this letter in greater detail.  Please feel free to make use of it.

May the Lord bless you this weekend as we grieve over the 25th Anniversary of Roe v. Wade and give thanks to the Lord for His mercy, His forgiveness, and His gift of life.

Yours Faithfully,

John J. Kozlowski, Jr.


Candidate for the United States House of Representatives

North Carolina’s 12th District

The Kozlowski FamilyKozlowski

Monday, January 19, 1998

An Open Letter on America’s 200 Million Hidden Abortions

Sunday, January 22, 1989

1989 Roe v. Wade Anniversary

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