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Day: Saturday July 15, 2017




I stated that I walked a bit over 6 miles to go to the farmer’s market, and that I could do it again without a problem.

A few hours later I took a 4.2 mile hike in the woods with a friend. It was not as long, but much harder terrain.

So when I said I could do it again, it was true.

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Making Kefir at home and that love your neighbor thing

Sun, Oct 13, 2019

Kefir is a remarkably healthy addition to your diet.

This will include some typical comments about obedience to Christ and slavery. A normal part of discussing a healthy diet.

The problem is the customer not the store. Love Your Neighbor, Buy Local

Wed, Mar 27, 2019

Vaxxed – An Update – Plus result of CBD experiment

Sun, Mar 17, 2019

I shared the video “Vaxxed” with several two years ago and described it, GMOs, and Glyphosate. There is also a review of an experiment I did on myself using CBD oil.

My New Shirt

Mon, Sep 25, 2017

My Health

Sat, Jul 15, 2017