Jim Cross - Scripture Alone
Day: Sunday March 4, 2018 ● #1
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Mr. Cross, Family, and others,

I have repeatedly proclaimed that I am a follower of the Lord Jesus Christ and trust His Scripture alone as my authority. I purchased the book “Scripture Alone” by James White and found it delightful and clear. You previously requested that I watch some online videos, which I dutifully did. I pointed out that they were terrible and based on eisegesis of Scripture, reading thoughts into the text, rather than exegesis, letting the text speak for itself. In one segment the Talmud was used as the reference and I asked if you subscribe to the Talmud. The question was asked repeatedly over many months and you still have not responded. Do you understand my concern?

You asked me to read a PDF document that you sent me, which again I dutifully did. When I bought up Scripture in reference to it you again ran.

I challenged you on the definition of marriage, and state that it is the Lord alone who define marriage. I point out that there is no marriage ceremony defined in Scripture, but rather that comes from the Council of Trent and the Book of Common Prayer. There is no vow, but marriage is defined by sex. There is no concept of divorce and remarriage allowed in Scripture, but the Lord defines that as adultery. I offered a lot of Scripture to back this up and the best you could do is claim that Dorothy-Jane is a free single woman, which is a LIE. You twisted Matthew 19 in a blatant example of Scripture twisting and then plugged your ears. This was an act of hate on your part. My response, as in the past, is an attempt at love.

There are many details in the attached video, but the essence of the request is to tell my kids where you stand. Tell them if you submit to the Talmud. Tell them that you submit to a lord of your own making, the lord of the institution. Or tell them that you submit to the Lord Jesus Christ and show it by following in His commandments to reconcile.

The progress I have made is outlined in the video. Note that I am living what I proclaim, and I proclaim my authority is Scripture Alone! I am proclaim it from the housetops. It is my desire and my hope to proclaim that you and I, two sinful flawed men, in obedience to the Lord Jesus Christ reconciled. Wouldn’t that be a joy!


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