2:47PM John Kozlowski ► ray ● “Ray, you skipped all the points”

Ray, you skipped all the points I made and seem to only want to defend the Roman Catholic dogma.

You are right that there was and remains struggles were others are adding to the Scripture, such as noted in Jude 4. But that is secondary to the issue of where the Scripture comes from.

It is a bit confusing when you state “New Testament Canon was not even finished yet during the

apostolic age”. Are you implying someone other than the Apostles wrote the New Testament? We might have an issue here, but then it could be just we are unclear on this point.

You state “Jesus and the apostles never declared "sola scriptura"”. Well yes and no. Yes they didn’t use that term in Scripture, just as the term Trinity is not used. Assuming you are a Roman Catholic, I don’t think you deny the Trinity because the word isn’t used in Scripture, do you?

But then what do you do with 2Tim3:16 and 2Peter 1:21 which make it clear that the Scripture is not from man but from the Lord? The Lord who created all things, including the universe, you and me, I think has the power to deliver His word to us in His way and not require man to help Him out.

You simply ignored the fact that “ekklēsia” is not an institution.

How do you know what the Apostles envisioned? Have you considered 2Pe 3:16 when it comes to the Apostles understanding?

We have solid evidence, such as the Dead Sea Scrolls, that should the Old Testament, or the Tanakh was well established and preserved without an institution.

You might want to check if the Protestants removed or the Catholics added books at the Council of Trent.

I’m sorry, but I do NOT bow to an institution made by man, including the state or the Roman Catholic Church, but to the Lord Jesus Christ alone, who also gave the example with His often repeated “it is written”. He should know. He wrote it.

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