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Who said that it was not written by John ? You are the one being conflated because you keep ignoring Jesus' command, instruction and revelation that the authority to bind and loose was given to the church in MAT 16:18-9 and giving the keys to the KINGDOM to Peter that is why the church was able to compile, decide, close and translate the Canon of Scriptures based from its Sacred Tradition kept by the early church fathers who were all Catholic. The church in the 4th century exercised its authority by declaring to the whole universal church the divinely inspired books. The gospels and epistles themselves cannot declare that - Only the church ! Because the church is not just an assembly of Catholics (Ekklesian KataHoles) but also a kingdom (state / government).

KINGDOM (definition) - A country, state, or territory ruled by a king or queen. - That is why it is also an institution. INSTITUTION - a society or organization founded for a religious, educational, social, or similar purpose. The Bible itself teaches that all is not written it its books and that there are some Truths that the Spirit will continue teaching us (John 16:12-13) (John 21:25) (2 John 1:12) (3 John 1:13).

MATTHEW 16:18-9 18 And I say to thee: That thou art Peter; and upon this rock I will build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. 19 And I will give to thee the KEYS of the KINGDOM of heaven. And whatsoever thou shalt bind upon earth, it shall be bound also in heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt loose upon earth, it shall be loosed also in heaven.

--- See you hate the word institution but you want the whole world to believe in your personal interpretation lol you are the one institutionalizing this thread.

Regarding Tradition, notice that in (2 Timothy 3:8), St. Paul says that "Jannes and Jambres resisted Moses"; however, this is nowhere written in the O.T. How did St. Paul knew this information if this was not written in the Sacred Scripture available to them at the time (the O.T.)? - by Tradition.

St. Peter also teaches about the need of an authority in the Church in order to correctly interpret Sacred Scripture (2 Peter 3:16), and, of course, Jesus institutes His Church on Peter and His Apostles (Matt 16:18 ) (Luke 22:32) so that Peter can "feed His sheep", in other words, feed us spiritually with God's teachings (John 21:17). But Peter and the first Apostles were going to die (not with us in this world anymore), and they did, so how would this Church that Jesus instituted would continue?, - by the "Apostolic succession" such as done in (Acts 1:12-26) (Acts 6:1-5) because Jesus is with us always (Matt 28:20).

- The Council of Trent reaffirmed all the doctrines declared by the church in its 1500 years of history ! The 73 Books were one of them because Luther and all the protestants were selecting their own books in the bible according to their own personal belief. The Latin Vulgate alreayd had 73 books compiled. Again, the Greek Canon (Septuagint LXX) was already the Standard Canon of the ancient jews and was used by all the apostles in their ministry, it is also crucial in writing the New Testament Canon. The Greek Canon (Septuagint LXX) was used by ancient jews because it is the perfect translation when they were exiled in Greece. Greek was the language used by the jews and the apostles.

- "it is written" does not mean authority! Teaching, correcting, profitable and rebuking is not authority! AUTHORITY (Definition) - The power or right to give orders, make decisions, and enforce obedience. 2. A person or organization having power or control in a particular, typically political or administrative, sphere.

TEACHING (Definition) to impart knowledge or skill to; give instruction to. -- See the difference?

- And I did not say that Peter and Barnabas was promoting circumcision, I said they cannot settle the issue of circumcision in the new covenant, they are both debating it by their own personal interpretation which they cannot settle that is why they went to the church to settle the issue. Debates and arguments in the church are settled thru councils, that is why the church convened the first council in Jerusalem. Apostle James was the bishop of Jerusalem that is why he was the speaker and organized it, but Peter declared the dogmatic truth ! Peter is the chief apostle but he does not own the church, he is not a protestant, he respects the councils of the church, and he can only speak infallibly when there is a council convened. That is how debates and arguments are settled. In ACTS 15:12 only after Peter (the Pope) speaks do Paul and Barnabas (bishops) speak in support of Peter's definitive teaching. ] Now did they oppose Peter ?, Then James speaks to further acknowledge Peter's definitive teaching. "Simeon (Peter) has related how God first visited]

ACTS 15 - Peter spoke in the council, all the issues were settled ! Peter is the apostle for jews, gentiles and samaritans.

Acts 15:7-12 - Peter resolves the first doctrinal issue on circumcision at the Church's first council at Jerusalem, and no one questions him. After Peter (Pope) spoke, all were kept silent.

Acts 15:12 - [ only after Peter (the Pope) speaks do Paul and Barnabas (bishops) speak in support of Peter's definitive teaching. ]

[ then James speaks to further acknowledge Peter's definitive teaching. "Simeon (Peter) has related how God first visited…"]

Acts 15:13-14 13 And after they had held their peace, James answered, saying, Men and brethren, hearken unto me: 14 SIMEON hath DECLARED how God at the first did visit the Gentiles, to take out of them a people for his name.

- The Council of Jerusalem doesn't show James in a position of primacy over Peter - instead, it reports the debate. First Paul makes his case, and there is some discussion. Then Peter rises and reminds them that he has had a revelation about how the Gentiles are to be welcomed into the Church -- and that he has acted on that revelation for some time. Finally, James sums up, offering what today we would call "closure," recommending a specific course of action based on the debate which preceeded his recommendation. Again, in The Book of Acts, Peter demonstrated all the leadership qualities of the church:

- Headed the meeting that elected Matthias 1:13

- Led the preaching on Pentecost 2:14

- Received the first converts 2:41

- Performed the first miracle after Pentecost 3:6

- Inflicted the first punishment (Ananias and Saphira) 5:1

- Excommunicated the first heretic (Simon Magus) 8:21

- Received the revelation they were discussing at the Jerusalem council 10:44 (Actually 9-16, but acted upon 44-49)

--- Again, if the bible is the authority, which protestant bible version is the authority ? Where can you find "king james" in prophesy or scripture ?

--- The church, and the inspired writers of the Canon (books in the bible) are led by the Holy Spirit, why do you ignore and side step the reality of Jesus delegating authority to men (disciples) ? Jesus is not making them divine, he is giving them the authority to fill his infallible office, now if this is your issue, then were did Jesus gave authority to protestants like you to interpret scriptures ? sola scriptura has failed in its 500 year history, by producing divided denominations numbered to 40K+, now which personal interpretation should I follow among the 40K protestant cults and sects ?

--- We do not deny that Scripture is God breathed inerrant Word of God because the Holy Bible was infallibly declared by the church. Protestant's bible are fallible because you believe that the books in it are divinely inspired and infallible, but you reject the infallible authority that declared it, this is the ultimate hypocrisy.

--- St. Matthias was a replacement for Judas selected by Peter himself and the apostles, that is how Peter exercised his authority given by Jesus! St. Matthias ministry is written in Tradition and letters from the early church fathers. Not everything is written in the bible. The Holy Bible is not defined solely as a history and biographical book. again, this is another failure of sola scriptura. Again, you are rejecting the authority of God given to the apostles, we honor and respect their office and position, we do not look at them as just men. Are you stating that Peter and all the other apostles were selected by only a man ? not the true God and true man Jesus Christ ?

The Office of the Pope is infallible not the person ! Without the Magisterium of the church, you would not have a Holy Bible right now. That is fact. The only irrational is your failed arguments, it is obvious you have no idea what the purpose and the history of the Holy Bible is.

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