9:04PM John Kozlowski ► ray ● “Ray you are using circular reasoning”

Ray you are using circular reasoning. You continue to use the word “church” for “ekklēsia” as if that is the context in the Scripture. It only is if the institutional church, or the Roman Catholic Church, supersedes the definition of the word to make it fit a desired meaning. That is like saying my name is John, and I define John as the ruler of the world, therefore I can decide what John means. That is circular.

It is true that “the church is not a kingdom”, but rather the pertinent use of “ekklēsia” is the assembly of those the Lord calls His own, or the Elect, or the Bride of Christ.

The Elect will be in the heavenly kingdom, and Christ will be on the throne.

What do you mean “already transliterated in broader terms”? For those that don’t read Greek “ἐκκλησία” it is meaningless, and therefore we transliterate it to “ekklēsia”. Nothing is added, lost or made broader. "Bible", "Eucharist", and "Catholic" are not in the Scripture, so transliteration has no meaning.

There is no definition of “ekklēsia” or “ἐκκλησία” that means an institution, but only an assembly and again not necessarily a Christian one as seen in Acts 19. The English word “Church” has more meanings than the Greek word ekklēsia”. You have to be a King James Only person who claims the English correct the Greek, or yield to an institution that redefines the word. But the word means the called out ones and not an institution.

If you are going to redefine the word, you are submitting to the Roman Catholic doctrine of Sola Ecclesia, or putting the institution above the Scripture.

It also seems you are stating that Jesus earned a position by dying on the Cross. He had nothing to earn, but rather paid a debt, mine. This was substitutionary atonement to reconcile Himself with His elect.

His rule of heaven and earth has always been since He is the creator of both. His rule can be seen from the beginning and is clear that all that happens to worldly kingdoms is by His decree, such as Amos 3:6. The events on the cross did not give Him this authority, but because He is Lord.

Before we even address the keys to the kingdom, if we aren’t clear what “the church” is we won’t get anywhere.

Also note that my September 17, 2018 comment was censored. This is not the first time it has happened to me on Disqus and similar things happen to me with Google. Perhaps proclaiming Scripture is offensive. Now it also appears your September 19, 2018 comment was deleted.

But be of good cheer, our entire dialog can be seen starting at: http://kozlowski.org/2018-09-11+1

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