● Yes, there is the argument that if you use encrypted services

Oct 3, 2018:

Yes, there is the argument that if you use encrypted services you are announcing that you are doing things that the state should monitor. The opposing idea is to use it for the most trivial things all the time so that when you or others need to hide something it doesn’t stand out. I choose the latter.

A fundamental point of the Matryoshka protocol is continuous fixed length packets, a concept predating the 1960s, to remove the announcement that someone is doing something they want to hide.

If someone uses any anonymity service to post on Facebook, they probably don’t see the logical fallacy, but again they fill the system so others don’t stand out.

Don’t just point out Cleveland, point to and you can see all about me. As a follower of the Lord Jesus Christ, I proclaim clearly, boldly, and openly as the Bible commands. That I don’t hide.

My biggest enemy on that is the institutional church that has sent the police here in Cleveland to my door to tell me to stop proclaiming reconciliation as the Lord commands. My answer is no. This is my concern, the silencing more than the prying.

Then there is the ShofarBook project which is designed to allow especially not non-technical to have an electronic self-replicating Bible that does not communicate with anything. An attempt at the best of both worlds.

And no, I did know there was a rally as I am a repentant voter.

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