Apparently censored comment on video: “MINDS.COM A Decentralized Answer To The FaceBook PURGE”
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As a person who is a student of censorship, has documented censorship of myself, and active in developing tools to work around it, this is to document a specific case.

Dan Dicks of Press For Truth posted a video report and I did add a comment. You can see from the images below that four hours after my comment was made, it does show up on a computer where I am signed in. When using another computer that is not signed in and is in another state the comment is does not appear, while comments made afterward does.

Clearly my comment has been censored. The question is by whom and why.

Perhaps it was done by Google algorithmically as my comment used the word “pornography” or the links are flagged.

Perhaps it was done by Dan Dicks as my linked video does not reflect well on the blockchain, or the comment about was not well received.

I will email Dan Dicks for his take.

Original comment posted about 5:30PM EST

I did a quick review of Minds and it was too easy to find excessive pornography, so it is not for me.

If you are thinking the blockchain will protect you, consider: “The Illusion of Blockchain”

Dan’s comment about view count has merit. As a low volume user I actually measured it: “Shadow Banning – Maybe it is my turn? Is yours next?”

Unless you are serving your own videos you will not be free. Using another host will always have issues.

Viewed at 9:30PM EST ● Click on image to view in full size

From a remote computer

From a signed in computer

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Apparently censored comment on video: “MINDS.COM A Decentralized Answer To The FaceBook PURGE”

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