Gloria-Jane's Birthday (Late)
Day: Sunday November 4, 2018 ● #1





Happy Birthday and welcome to the teenage years.

I’m sorry I’m late. Life has had issues lately, but you always remain in my prayers.

Last night as I was doing my normal prayers for my family and when I got to you, I was reminded of my error. Yesterday I dutifully did my hike to the farmers’ market in the morning and then the day got busy. You see the Lord has granted me His grace in that my life is full of more things than I can do in a day and things get missed. Wishing you a happy birthday was missed and I am very sorry.

A short video is attached that I hope will remind you of your dad. Yes, you have a dad, and it is me.

It would be great to hear from you. Please remember, that I have been trying to say hi to you directly for years (

I love you! May the Lord show His grace to you!

The Kozlowski Family ●