Being surprised that Twitter, Facebook, Patreon, Paypal, Stripe, etc
Day: Tuesday December 25, 2018 ● #2

Derek ● Dec 25 at 07:31

Being surprised that Twitter, Facebook, Patreon, Paypal, Stripe, etc treat people who aren't like them terribly is like going to a Muslim Country and being surprised when they chop your head off.

Don't complain. Conquer. We are better than them in every possible way.

jdcurtis ● Dec 25 at 08:34

Is there a good fundraising site that hasn't been converged yet?


robertcardwell ● Dec 25 at 11:36 is still operating. 

Subscribestar - the best way to start your own subscription business is still operating. 

robertcardwell ● Dec 25 at 11:37

See also their blog:

Subscribestar on

AutonomousEyes ● Dec 25 at 08:53

Be strong, be of good courage, and long live the Republic.

galtindabox ● Dec 25 at 09:49

 Yeah, (((globali$t$))) are like that! ● Dec 25 at 11:41

If “We are better than them in every possible way”, then how does using lies demonstrate that?

Derek ● Dec 25 at 11:58

If you post off topic one more time you nut I will block you from posting on my content. Enough with your foolishness. ● Dec 25 at 12:41


I quoted you directly. How is that off topic?

You have been called out on using lies, but have only responded with insults to me and threats of plugging your ears and preventing rebuttal.

You will probably go on to state that this is free speech, but call me a hijacker, as you have before.

Derek, please, show that you are not the same as Facebook and CNN. When a lie is published with your name, admit to it. Attacking the person who calls you out on it is a man in fear of the truth, perhaps even the truth that sets you free.

If you block me, which will not be a surprise, what is the difference between you and Twitter’s shadow banning? Absolutely nothing. Please distinguish yourself from Twitter by using the truth and even promoting those who call out error. Show that truth means more to you than your pride.

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