Big Frog Hike Again

To celebrate my 63rd birthday in 2019, my friend Chris and I hiked Big Frog Mountain. That was an 11 mile trek and about a half mile up.

To celebrate my 65th birthday, although a bit late due to weather, Chris and I hiked Big Frog Mountain again. However, we took a longer hike up and the same back. It made the trip over 15 miles. The trip up had a lot, with emphasis on a lot, of additional ups and downs. We effectively did not hike up a half mile, but perhaps approaching a mile. When we were done, we were tired (well, DUH!)

In December of 2020 Chris hiked the same route with an uncle. At the top they found a literal Mason Jar with notes from people who have reached the top. They left a note for their trip.

For this trip we found the jar and without opening it you could see the note from December. That was a great joy to see.

We left a note on a card for this trip. Perhaps it will stand out due to the photo on the card. We both wrote about our love for our wives, or as Chris stated, the woman who changed his life.

When I turned 65 I started my 5 year goal of doing a million jumping jacks. Currently I am past the 6% point and a bit ahead of schedule. While at the top of Big Frog, and to celebrate being 65, I did 65 jumping jacks. My arm form was OK, but my leg form was a bit weak due to wearing boots, and perhaps the 10 miles of hiking to get there.

We did not dwell long at the top, because it was already approaching 7PM. So we started our venture back as nightfall was going to come. About 30 minutes before we reached the car, nightfall did come and in the mountains, night is DARK!

Because I do jumping jacks typically 128 at a time, I did the remaining 63 at the car. I am a software guy and a 2 to the N number is only logical!

Unlike the trip two years ago, we did not see anyone on the trail. Considering the cliffs and the places to slip or have an accident, we realized that there was perhaps a bit of a risk in what we did. But in the grace of the Lord we completed our venture safely. Did I also mention that we were tired?

It was about a 10 hour hike and to do that with a friend is a marvelous joy. I recommend it!

Friday, May 7, 2021

Chris holding the note he wrote five months earlier.

Friday, May 7, 2021

A note from two husbands

Friday, May 7, 2021

The Postcard we left with a great photo and link

Friday, May 7, 2021

65 Jumping Jacks at the top of Big Frog Mountain

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Big Frog Hike Again