Next time, they will have to arrest me on 1st day
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Chancery court Judge Pam Fleenor, right, upholds the deadly Tennessee lethal shot policy that has killed more 107,700 Tennesseans and injured more than a million, with no public outcry. Other notables at the Hamilton County courthouse include judges, court clerks and, at center, a visiting Tennessee supreme court justice, Cornelia Clark. (Photo Hamilton County government)

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn., Saturday, March 11, 2023 — I’m thinking today of a petition for injunction that I have filed with the federal court in Nashville, and I’m thinking that it is potentially wonderful fruit from an evil done against me.

By David Tulis / NoogaRadio Network

The evil done against me is a false imprisonment and false arrest at the hand of chief Justice Roger Page. To maintain an illegal policy of secrecy over judge meetings, he ordained my injury and harm, giving me grounds to sue him to overturn his wicked policy and also to affect other benefits to people in Tennessee by way of a reform of police power use.

The false imprisonment and false arrest gives me standing to demand reform in police power use, namely asking the judge to order city of Franklin to obey the widely ignored warrantless arrest law.

A lesson from this encounter I intend to apply to future “pandemics” that come our way from “the good people,” as we call them.

Next time we have a purported pandemic, I’m gonna make these turkeys arrest me on the spot on the first day, pursuant to their false imprisonment and false arrest policies under pretended “public health.”

A false arrest and false imprisonment under a pseudo pandemic without any law behind it should be arranged sooner rather than later in the next manufactured “crisis.”

What happened in the “Covid-19 pandemic” is that it had run several months before I filed suit to overturn it in Tennessee. My delay in filing suit — from March 12, 2020, to Oct. 2,, 2020 — let the disaster unroll, and let the lethal inoculation project launch in December, and let happen mass death and mass harm and mass injury upon the people of Tennessee as part of a federal department of defense military project, as widely reported in the press.

False arrest = standing

“If you come back to this court building again today, I will arrest you for aggravated trespassing,” this Hamilton County deputy shouts to a reporter thrown out of the public building July 31, 2020, because of a bare face. (Photo David Tulis)

A strong point in my standing to sue was a confrontation between sheriff’s deputies and me at the entrance of the Hamilton County courts building. I wanted to enter with a bare face. They said no. As the threats crescendoed, I backed out, and left, under further threat of arrest. My right to enter the public building had been denied. A clear harm. A clear breach by them.

Pamela Fleenor, a wicked judge, serving the public in chancery court, held on to my case 201 days. It was due a resolution in 10 days or 15 days at most. But she clung to the proceedings, in violation of my rights at equity or an immediate show cause hearing involving Gov. Bill Lee and the local official.

The grounds Juge Fleenor developed for resisting my claim against the governor was that I lacked standing. My lack of standing proved to be the ruin of the case State ex rel. David Jonathan Tulis v. Bill Lee, governor, et al, even through the court of appeals.

Standing. Lack of standing. Unable to prove harm or injury. My five-part affidavit in support of my petition, outlining the harms and injuries caused by the purported lockdown, is deemed of no account, showing no harm.

The courts, by policy, denied standing despite these five grounds, none of which were challenged as facts. Repeatedly in the case, it was thrown at me that there was no injury and no harm. Two federal rights breaches that Tennessee courts grudgingly were willing to concede were in the area of police power imposed upon me, including the courthouse confrontation.

Had one of the grounds been stronger, might the standing argument by the enemies of liberty failed?

My conviction to make them arrest me next time s fruit of naivete, of a misplaced and foolish confidence in judicial process and the honor of the Tennessee court system. Why have such confidence, given the defeat of every motion and effort over the course of 878 days pursuing relief from “Covid-19” fraud?

I believe in the providence of God, and the duty each man to do his best to fight on behalf of others, using available means, whatever the odds, however badly earlier efforts might have been defeated. I believe it will be wise, next time, to make them commit to arresting me early on, not months later, but on the first day of “lockdown.” That should more powerfully secure standing and make that specious argument less attractive to the Fleenor-type adherence to policy over law.

The false arrest threat made against me would have been in violation of T.C.A. § 40-7-103 that I am in federal court attempting to uphold.

My replay

David, my brother, we are called to resist or stand against the devil (1st Peter 5:9), but there is not a call to assert ourselves into his territory. It is not due to our power that the devil will flee, but our trust in Christ and Christ’s power makes the devil flee.

In the same way when we fight the state on their territory, we are giving them power over us, rather than trusting in the same Christ that makes the devil flee.

We are given only a certain number of days for this life. Rather than use those days to fight on someone else’s territory, why not use what we have to encourage and facilitate others to live independent of the state?

When it comes to COVID perhaps a useful example that I used is to encourage those who want the immunization (a synonym for vaccine as defined by the CDC), that does not immunize, to take a D-Dimer test before and after the immunization. Especially if this is for your kids you can either prove that you did no harm, or see that you permanently damaged your child. There are numerous examples like this that I suggest are a superior method than trying to play on the state’s playground.

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Next time, they will have to arrest me on 1st day

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