A serious look at the theology of reconciliation and the cost or ignoring it.
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Above is a link to the May 2, 2022 voicemail video that went into depth on the idea of the cost of ignoring the appeal of someone who is attempting to reconcile with you. This is totally irrelevant to those who don’t believe the Bible is true, or only use it as a tool since they are in the club. However, if you, like me, do believe the Bible is true, you might find this an important exposition of what it means to reconcile.

It also touches on current events and notes some analogies.

It did go on for an hour, so you can use the excuse that you don’t have the time. That would be easier on your conscience then saying I don’t want to hear from someone who is trying to reach out to me in love and I must ignore him as I don’t want to pay the cost since it might be more than embarrassing.

The video is available on DVD as it is being set out to several. It is available for the asking.

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1Co 4:10 We are fools for Christ's sake, but you are wise in Christ. We are weak, but you are strong. You are held in honor, but we in disrepute. To the present hour we hunger and thirst, we are poorly dressed and buffeted and homeless, and we labor, working with our own hands. When reviled, we bless; when persecuted, we endure; when slandered, we entreat. We have become, and are still, like the scum of the world, the refuse of all things.

Monday, September 25, 2023

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Saturday, September 16, 2023

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