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Call attempt #1,420 – Day 2,051 – Postcard to Chris Bitterman – Introduction 2: “Keeping the promise” – “Postcard Reconciliation”



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I DECONSTRUCTED MY RELIGION ... and found FREEDOM instead of FLAMES - Erika Sams
Erika Sams
Keeping the Promise ● A postcard is sent every day in unmitigated hope
Call attempt #1,413 – Day 2,040 – Postcard to Jim Cross – 1st Corinthians 6 – Matthew 18
Call attempt #1,418 – Day 2,047 – Postcard to Susanna – Fraud in war, economics, and the institutional church
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“Keeping the promise” – by ErikaLeigh Kozlowski – now Erika Sams

Interview: I DECONSTRUCTED MY RELIGION ... and found FREEDOM instead of FLAMES - Erika Sams


YouTube comment and my response


Debra Wehrly

I do not understand the doctrine of marriage as being compared to "Christ and the church." I do not understand how that works in day to day life. I do not understand what it means to be the "bride of Christ"? The church is made up of men, women and children. Old, young and people of all diverse backgrounds. Is each member of the church considered the "wife" of Christ?


John Kozlowski

The Bible uses analogies to explain concepts from a human perspective. The relationship between the Lord and the “bride of Christ” or the elect is mirrored in the relationship between a husband and his wife. This is seen most clearly in Eph 5:25 as the husband is to love his wife as the Lord loves his elect. The husband is given authority, but it is to be a sacrificial love, not a commanding one. Christ demonstrates this by His sacrifice of Himself as He came to serve and not be served (Mat 20:28, Mar 10:45).

The relationship of Christ and His bride is not a bride in the sense of female as seen in Gal 3:28, but Christ the servant head and the bride or elect is the beneficiary of His grace.


“Postcard Reconciliation” – Tuesday, December 8, 2020 – my wife’s birthday


Promise postcards – Thursday, April 29, 2021

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Intro 2: “Keeping the promise”

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