Keeping the Promise



A video written and produced by ErikaLeigh. However, she asked her dad to do the voice over.

The words have hit home.

Wounded by the ones I thought stood by me

Slammed by those I thought loved me

Misunderstood by some

Ignored by most

Speaking the truth, may leave you feeling lonely

But no matter how many people reject you

No matter how many people tell you you’re crazy

If you speak the truth of Christ

He is right there next to you

Throughout the trails in this world

Don’t be surprise by those who hate you

They hated Jesus first, remember?

But the truth needs to be spoken


No matter what people say

If you’re best friend calls you crazy

Don’t turn aside from the Lord’s path

Only cry out to him who answers prayers

And he will always be with you

With his love and comfort surrounding you

And his words filling your empty soul


So no matter who calls me crazy

No matter what anyone says

If the Lord tells me to speak

Who am I but to obey?

If the Lord tells me to step forward

Who am I so stand still?

If the Lord tells me to fight

Who am I to lay down the sword he has placed in my hand?

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