The John and Dorothy-Jane Kozlowski Kids

My effort to reconcile with my family has had some roadblocks.

As I have attempted to keep a relationship with my kids, and as state decree permits me, I have attempted to call my kids most days of the week. Since August of 2016 I have only been able to leave a voicemail that I have been informed is deleted. However, they are online here in the voicemail section, which includes both the audio and the email that is sent.

I am sent some emails with specific requests for a reply and that also has not transpired. So now I am being more specific in emails to request individual responses so I know that the email did get seen by my kids.

I have made it clear that while I am allowed to impose this by state mandate, I will not do so since I want to demonstrate that at least one party does heed 1Co6.

Eventually my kids will find out that their dad has been attempting to reconcile his family. They can then ask people, like their pastor who refuses dialog, their grandfather who sets up additional terms before reconciliation will start, and acts as the “Great Firewall of Lexington”, why they did not get behind the effort to reconcile.

I have often stated that I am fully committed to my wife for all the remaining days of my life, I will not turn to another ever, no matter what my wife does. I want my kids to know that and have confidence that their dad, while a foul sinner, is attempting to be obedient to the Lord and love his wife and children.

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