A Review of The Fuel Project’s “The Coming Summer | Episode 8 - Homosexuality Will Be Prevalent”
Day: Thursday April 19, 2018 ● #1
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The Fuel Project’s website is: http://TheFuelProject.org

Episode 8 on YouTube:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EMlftzJhr1Y

The Fuel Project and Mark Fairley have my hearty endorsement.

This is a comment dialog from YouTube with Dan Saber

There have been difficulties in allowing the comments to be shown on YouTube, so they are duplicated here as posted.

March 30, 2019 - Dan Saber

You have with you the law! And by the law homosexuals will die. I however find no fault with them. What have they done? The spirit that crucified Christ is in you.

March 31, 2019 - John Kozlowski

Your comment is unclear to me and I desire to understand what you mean.

Are you referring to things like Lev 20:13? If so, I contend this verse does show the weight of the sin of homosexuality.

When you state you find no fault, are you saying there is no sin in homosexuality?

My focus in this video is 1Co6:11, as it true with several of my videos. Do you not see from those verses that the Lord declares sexual sin, heterosexual and homosexual, as worthy of death, but in this verse shows His marvelous grace to those who “were” and have repented?

I’m guessing that your last sentence is intended as an insult.

March 31, 2019 - Dan Saber

@John Kozlowski the spirit that crucified Christ is in you. Every day you pick up your cross and crucify yourself to the law. the mob shouting crucify, are they your brothers and sisters? I find no fault with you but if you wish to crucify yourself you may.

March 31, 2019 - John Kozlowski

@Dan Saber Again it seems you remain vague. As a follower of Christ the Lord commands us to be open and clear or parrhēsia, so I will try to do so.

The Lord commands His followers to proclaim His ways, but not impose His ways. This is the model I try to follow. However, considering Eph 5:11 or Gal 2:14, we are also commanded to call out sin.

Is my stand wrong from the perspective of the Scripture? If so, can you show it wrong from the Scripture. Can you show anywhere in the video or these comments where I didn’t follow that model?

You state that I crucify myself to the law. How is that so? The law shows us sin (Romans 7:7), but the follower of Christ is set free from the law but must not use that freedom for licentiousness (Jude 4).

When you write of being crucified, the model I try to follow is what Paul states in 1Co2:2. Is that shared?

March 31, 2019 - Dan Saber

@John Kozlowski Please proofread this: The B in LGBT also stands for Bible and that's for the people who identify their sexuality with the Bible. Bible-Sexuality is the only sexuality that's a choice! When you are asked to state your gender and sexual identity you can proudly say Bible-Sexual! Bible-Sexuals believe in Corinthians 6:9 so chastisement is how their sexuality is expressed and they relieve their tension during mass, held several times a week. During mass they exchange the natural use of their bodies for a biblical definition, even the women! So they burn with lust for one another and do what's against nature and inconvenient. God detests the Bible-Sexuals also known as the Spiritually Sodom. They worship a character instead of the creator and don't listen. They are fornicating idolaters. And their mating rituals lead to outbursts of vile affections. Even dogs know their Master's Voice. But just as in the days of Jesus the religious people refuse to listen. Bible-Sexuals are not Christians. Paul doesn't believe in Corinthians 6:9, he believes in Jesus Christ. Romans 1:21 is specifically about the religious people who wanted Jesus crucified. They believed in Corinthians 6:9. They replaced their Free Will with scriptures rejecting the natural use of their body; they are abusers of themselves in fellowship, men with men women with women leading to outbursts of vile affections bitter like grapes of gall. Those who shouted we wish to know them are the same group of Bible-Sexuals who shouted crucify him. Suppressed idolaters who don't listen! Those who pierced him will see him coming, the eschatologists will be first! A Man Lies with a man, as a man! not a woman!

March 31, 2019 - John Kozlowski

Dan, it seems the willingness to be clear remains an illusive goal. You are using a lot of indirect references and changing the meanings of words.

First I have enough respect for the homosexual community to allow them to define their terms. “B” is not “Bible” but “Bi”.

At the same time I will also be clear that the Bible does condemn homosexuality in no uncertain terms. We don’t have to twist the Scripture to see that.

You weave in interesting saga around 1Co6:9, but seem to miss what it clearly states. The list is of those who are excluded from inheriting the kingdom of God. It includes adulterers, effeminate, and homosexuals. But verse 9 is followed by 10 and then 11. It is verse 11 that I have repeatedly described as the loudest shout of grace in Scripture. It is the Lord’s grace for the repentant. It is something to celebrate. But it does indeed require repentance.

You state that “Paul doesn't believe in Corinthians 6:9”. Are you stating that the Apostle Paul, who writes that “all Scripture is God breathed” (2Tim3:16) is stating that this particular Scripture is not to be believed. Are you aware that he wrote both books, as well as Romans?

Romans 1 should be a serious concern for the homosexual community, but then it does state they are “without excuse” (Rom 1:20). But note the message of chapter one does not exclude anyone from repentance. Chapter 2 starts with a rebuke of those who condemn but are on shaky ground.

As for me, I will proclaim that the Lord Jesus Christ is very clear that sexual sin is essentially the most grievous sin as it makes a mockery of the relationship between a husband and wife which is the reflection of the relationship between Christ and His elect. But considering verses such as Rom 3:23, we all need grace. The Lord’s grace is available to the repentant, including those who repent of homosexuality. I will not deny that, but rather I will proclaim it, boldly, clearly, and unambiguously.

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