My Family and the Panic-Demic
Day: Sunday August 16, 2020 ● #1
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At the end of March 2020 I did a video for my family on the Panic-demic that was building at that time and presented information from history and science in an attempt to prepare and encourage.

Now over four months later I reviewed the video and found that it is all the more relevant today, so I am offering it to inspire others. Be forewarned that I offer evidence not sensationalism, and I am definitely not politically correct.

Since the wearing of masks has become far more an issue than back in March, let me also offer another thought for your consider.


If someone is wearing a mask and has a smelly burp, will those nearby smell it? This is often all the more clear with rectal gas even though it may pass through several layers of clothing.

Masks, especially surgical masks are worn for the purpose of preventing the wearer from literally spitting on patients, or even more a liquid from the patient splattering into the medical personnel. Decades of controlled studies show that they do not stop the spread of viruses, as a virus, like a smelly burp, passes right though the mask, especially when it is simply a cloth mask.

The promotion of masks is not for your safety or the safety of those around you, it is for control. You are being trained.

The Kozlowski Family ●