What's good for the goose is good for the goyim
Day: Friday December 21, 2018 ● #1

Derek ● Dec 21 at 23:34

What's good for the goose is good for the goyim. Mr Israel, tear down that wall or shut up about our wall!

perrinlovett ● Dec 22 at 07:49

I heard they actually built it to prevent Benny Shapiro from trying Aliyah.

ShofarNexus.com ● Dec 22 at 07:59

Consider that the total death count by suicide bombings in Israel over the last 30 years is about 800 in about 170 events, and the highest year of 2002 had 238, perhaps this image is just fueling hate rather than spreading the truth.

The wall is within the border of Israel and isolates part of the country to put them in to what is called the world’s largest open air prison.

Food, water, electricity, and travel into or out of Gaza is limited by the state of Israel. They even blockade travel by sea. This is not self-protection. This is genocide.

In that area many years ago Moses wrote the words commanded by God to love your neighbor as yourself (Leviticus 19:18). It seems to have been forgotten.

amanishisword ● Dec 22 at 09:17

I think I get what your trying to say, but please tell me how else, besides just loving each other, they are to protect themselves?

statik ● Dec 23 at 18:31

What is the source for your statistics?

ShofarNexus.com ● Dec 22 at 10:00


Consider your question from the perspective of those in Gaza and ask who is trying to protect themselves? If you live in Gaza, irrespective if you are a Muslim, Christian, atheist, or something else, as all exist in Gaza, and the State of Israel prevents you from leaving, turns off electric power most of the day, that you might be concerned, or even react in rage.

If the best that most can do it is throw rocks in the “Great March of Return”, but the IDF responds with bullets and has killed hundreds, perhaps the State of Israel is not trying to bring peace?

Neither side is made up of sinless angels. However, in the West the impression is that Gaza is full of militant Muslims only. The dwindling, but still over a thousand Christians in Gaza wouldn’t agree, and they are suffering the same from the blockade.

When the now annual flotilla of ships bringing supplies, mostly food and medicine, to Gaza is stopped by the Israeli Navy, impounded and arrested, perhaps this isn’t a level playing field, and at least one party is fueling the hate.

So again, who is trying to protect themselves?

ChadThundercockovich ● Dec 22 at 11:03

 Israelis from islamic terrorists.

amanishisword ● Dec 22 at 13:14

Well, I wonder if we will EVER have ALL the facts to THEN have a better understanding?

ShofarNexus.com ● Dec 22 at 10:36

Please note that my comment was to call out a lie. The site that originated the image, “Silence is Consent” is defunct. If you look at the archive of the site you will see that they refuse to identify themselves on the site. This is consistent with an agenda of trying to inflame rather than seeking peace.

The information presented in the image seems dramatic, but a total fabrication. There are issues on both sides and they should be called out on that with truth. To proclaim a condemning message based on a lie is a heinous act.

ChadThundercockovich Dec 22 at 11:00

The Israeli PM loves Trump and has encouraged the U.S. border wall saying that the Israeli wall has been a great success.

Lucas ● Dec 22 at 14:15

The problem are the disporans who overlook that.

ShofarNexus.com ● Dec 22 at 11:10


I demonstrated with evidence that the image is based on a lie. You then seem to endorse what the Israelis have done. Are you looking at a country’s leader who is considered a “Crime Minister” as a model? Yes, there are many Islamic terrorists, but not all Muslims are terrorists. In the same way there are many IDF terrorists, but not all in the Jews are terrorists.

If the perspective is that the Jew or the American can do no wrong, then get used to saying “Hail Victory”.

statik ● Dec 22 at 11:52

Not all Muslims are terrorists or extremists but Ben Shapiro does a great piece where he demonstrates using facts that a majority of Muslims are extremists.

Derek ● Dec 22 at 17:06

Not everyone with a tattoo is felon but every felon has a tattoo.

statik ● Dec 23 at 12:36

Your analogy to my statement is incorrect as is your own statement.

Ian Bibby ● Dec 22 at 18:56

There are moderate Muslims. There is no moderate Islam. Islam is an inherently violent, fanatical religion. Moderate Muslims are just Muslims who don't seriously believe in their nominal religion.

rico ● Dec 23 at 10:36

moderate muslim finance and support the blood thirsty murderous savage muslims

ShofarNexus.com ● Dec 22 at 19:39

It is remarkable that no one else has yet to acknowledge that the image is a demonstrable lie. It is designed to provoke hatred by a website that is defunct. Should this not be acknowledged @derek?

@statik, You claim to be a Christian, but use an Orthodox Jew as a reference without pointing to any facts. An obvious fact is that the Orthodox Jew uses the Torah, but fails to recognize its author, the Lord Jesus Christ. Do you agree?

You are essentially stating that there are over a half billion Muslim extremists, but can you offer any evidence? From listening to Muslims from around the world, I suggest they are like the Christian community, as their dedication to their faith is cultural only. This can been seen in Matthew 7 and John 6. 

It is my repeated contention that the Christian is commanded to love the Muslim (Leviticus 19:18) and contend with Islam. 

@ibbibby, As a follower of the Lord Jesus Christ I will contend that the Scripture is the revealed word of the Lord, while the Quran is NOT the eternal word of Allah. But I am also aware that there are those that find horrible concepts in the Scripture due to their twisting of it. The same occurs with the Quran and it is easy to point to a verse and see a hateful message, while many in the Muslim community offer rational arguments that contradict that. This discussion is for the Muslim community, but as a follower of Christ, I am called to offer a reasoned case from the Scripture, and do so with love.

Remember that since the Zionists took over what is now the country of Israel, most of the Orthodox Jews and Christians have left the country as they are not welcome. What the Zionists do is not an act of love, but of power. For those who claim Christ, our call is not to stand with the actions of the Muslim, the Jew, or the Christian when their actions are less than ideal. However, we remain called to proclaim Christ, but not impose Christ, and do both with love.

statik ● Dec 23 at 06:36


Yes, I use an Orthodox Jew as a reference because I don't believe anyone's belief system makes them unusable as a reference, or unusable by God. If God can use a lying spirit or a Donkey to achieve his will, that is his prerogative. However, I did reference Ben's video, which provided the evidence. Here is a link to that video, which contains references to the evidence:


As for Orthodox Jews, and their position in God's plan/kingdom, they have essentially become idol worshipers, worshiping their traditions and the Torah, rather than following its Author. This discussion gets difficult because the term Jew has multiple meanings, but, I will content that the Church began in Genesis with the promise of the savior, and those, like Abraham and Moses, who looked forward to the savior and it was 'counted as righteousness' are members of that church. We, modern, gentile, Christians are 'grafted into' that Church. However, every person, whether Orthodox Jew, or not, who rejects Christ, is unsaved and not part of the church.

I also agree that the Christian is commanded to love the Muslim. That does not mean to be blind to who and what they are. We are to love those who hate us and do good to those who spitefully use us. That doesn't mean that we say they are roses and marshmallows when they hate us and spitefully use us. We just love them anyway.

We need to speak the truth, in love, at all times.

Ben shapiro: the myth of the tiny radical muslim minority

In the debut of Reality Check, Ben Shapiro takes on Ben Affleck and the myth that only a tiny minority of Muslims worldwide are radical. http://TruthRevolt.org


ShofarNexus.com ● Dec 23 at 09:00


Thanks for the reasonable response. Agreed that we can use anyone as a reference. If I ask a Buddhist or an atheist if it is daytime, he will most likely tell the truth. But if I am in a cave, he could either be wrong, misinformed, or a deceiver. The Lord does allow people to be lead by false prophets.

Thanks for the link. I watched it. Considering the rest of your comments, I hope you can see this is simply a classy presentation, an example of lying with statistics, and overtly deceptive. He starts by setting the stage with inflammatory concepts. He then defines the question to allow a broad interpretation. Then rips though numbers for his justification. In his first example of Indonesia he quotes two polls and uses the latter 70% figure to condemn 143 million as radical Muslims because they think that the 9/11 story is in error. This I agree with. Does that make me, a follower of the Lord Jesus Christ, now a radical Muslim? It does with Mr. Shapiro’s logic. We could go on, but I hope you can see that this video is bogus and simply polished propaganda.

In the same way the photo that this discussion is all about is blatant propaganda, as I demonstrate in my earlier comments. Propaganda like this may feed conformation bias, but is not a way to rationally discuss what is true. This is the way of those in Thessalonica in Acts 17, and not the way of those in Berea. I hope we will both follow the latter model.

Yes, “Jew” has multiple meanings. I am not a biological Jew, but in the context of Romans 2:28-29 I am a Jew. This is also true with “Israel” as I discussed in: http://kozlowski.org/2018-04-19+1

We might be in total agreement on what the church or “ekklēsia” is in context as it is also the elect (“eklektos”) and has been there from the beginning.

I hope we would also agree that “love” is not the flowers and sunshine version, but something that costs you personally. It is not appeasement, but includes a proclamation of the truth and an absence of revenge. It is a care for those not like you, a challenge to them where they are wrong, but not an acceptance of their ways of disobedience to the Lord. It is not expressed with hellfire missiles, but in speaking the truth. In the context of the Muslim, I expressed this with: http://kozlowski.org/2018-07-30+1. It is my hope we are on the same page on this.

Derek ● Dec 23 at 12:41

@derek, you proclaimed a falsehood with the photo. This may have been an error on your part that I hope you will correct, or show me where my detailed contrary evidence is wrong. It is my hope that you will show how you and Oneway are different than Facebook in that you will speak the truth, correct and be corrected with evidence, rather than impose propaganda because you have the power.

A review of the fuel project’s ● thefuelproject.org “the coming summer | episode 8 - homosexuality will be prevalent”

Derek ● Dec 23 at 12:41

I dont have any more power than anyone else. I'm just a dude posting like everyone else. You can say what you want as I can.

There are thousands of pics of Isreal's walls. to deny that is just dumb.

The point of this post is that most jews are anti US wall and pro multi cultruralism. I'm simply pointing out the hypocrisy of it.

P.S. - I really don't have time to read all your very long posts.

statik ● Dec 23 at 12:44

@shofarnexus Oneway is different, first because you are allowed to contradict Derek's views without fear of banning or censure. It is a free speech platform, even for those who are wrong. Derek places himself under that same protection in that he can say something that you think is a lie because he believes it is not and he is free to do that as well. As for Ben's presentation, I agree that some of the statements used are used to exaggerate the extremism of certain countries, especially changing the metric between countries, but I don't believe it invalidates the overall point that the majority of Muslims are not the moderates the left wing media seeks to portray them as.

ShofarNexus.com ● Dec 23 at 12:48


Allow me to give a summary of your post. You don’t care about truth, but what can inflame with photos that make fallacious claims. You wear a veneer of Christianity, but truth has to take a back seat to agenda.

You may stand behind the thought of free speech, but when you promote lies and are unwilling to correct them when evidence is provided, you are just as much of a liar as the author.

Derek ● Dec 23 at 12:54

What is your point? You don't believe Israel has a wall? Or you dont think that most jews want america be to multi cultural and NOT have our own wall?

just write in short sentences. Im not going to waste my time reading paragraphs of text....

ShofarNexus.com ● Dec 23 at 12:58


Have you read what is in the photo about 1000 suicide bombings a year? I demonstrated from fact that this is made up from whole clothe. It is a lie. If you want to discuss claims of the deeds or stands of the county of Israel of the US, use truth. To use a lie and claim Christ is a bit inconsistent.

Derek ● Dec 23 at 13:00

Whatever dude. You also think that every culture is the same and muslims are just like us. DUMB!

ShofarNexus.com ● Dec 23 at 13:11


Look at what I have written to you in the past about Oneway. A rational observer would see an ally.

Look at what I have written about what it is to be a follower of the Lord Jesus Christ. A rational observer would see an ally.

You are acting no different than Peter in Galatians 2 and are being called out on it. Are you going to respond like Peter, or in wrath?

You just claimed that “You also think that every culture is the same and muslims are just like us.” The evidence from what I have written is just the opposite. What you are doing is character assignation. What you are showing is that you have not love (1Co13).

Please instead proclaim the truth and do so with love. Those that proclaim lies are a dime a dozen.

ShofarNexus.com ● Dec 23 at 19:36


You are right that Oneway proclaims to be a free speech platform. Well then don’t I have the right of free speech to point out when blatant lies are proclaimed, especially by the owner of the site?

Don’t I have the right of free speech to point to others who claim a veneer of Christianity when their deeds show otherwise? Some of us think Leviticus 19:18 still applies and this I will proclaim. I also have made it clear that I will proclaim that Islam is false, but use rational dialog for that. I will not use lies to fuel tension, or support the military industrial complex.

Ben Shapiro offered terribly twisted propaganda and reasoning that is consistent with the photo in question. If I say there are birds outside therefore you should give me all your money, would you not see there is a problem with that logic? Shapiro’s logic is not as good as my example, and clearly he has an agenda. With that you still think his point has merit? The left wing is not a reliable source either.

But then again the fundamental is what is the call for the follower of Christ? Using lies is not in that call.

You asked about sources, there are numerous, which is opposite to the fallacy of the photo.

The easiest is https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Palestinian_suicide_attacks

The page has a summary list at the end showing 171 suicide attacks over a period of almost 30 years and most during the Intifada. A bit less than the 1000 per year.

Another list is: https://www.jewishvirtuallibrary.org/comprehensive-listing-of-terrorism-victims-in-israel

However, this is not just suicide attacks and again mostly during the Intifada.

A page from the Israeli government is: http://www.mfa.gov.il/mfa/foreignpolicy/terrorism/palestinian/pages/suicide%20and%20other%20bombing%20attacks%20in%20israel%20since.aspx

There is a chart at the end but again their peak year is 2002 during the Intifada.

You can also consider: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Israeli_strikes_and_Palestinian_casualties_in_the_2014_Israel–Gaza_conflict

This shows Palestinian death count which are larger numbers.

But is it really numbers that are at question? If so, the West makes all of the Islamic community look like amateurs. Do you have the attitude so infamously expressed by our former Secretary of State that killing a half million children was “worth it”? If so, remember to say “Hail Victory!”

However, I think you look at the Muslim people, as well as those here, irrespective of persuasion, as human beings created in the image of God. Let’s offer them love rather than lies.

List of palestinian suicide attacks - wikipedia

Derek ● Dec 23 at 19:46

Let me explain this to you 1 time @shofarnexus in real simple terms

1) Ben Shapiro is pro Israel and anti american propagandist

2) Israel is a disgusting homo nation responsible for incredible human suffering around the world. And their culture is disgusting

3) Muslim culture is the worst culture in the world in every sense.

4) In a political and cultural sense I don't care .02 about either and want america to have nothing to do with either unless it can hurt us.

5) In spiritual terms I want them all to be converted

6) Spiritual and political are totally different things that should not be mixed.

7) Christian culture, even nominal Christian culture, especially in nations with majority of european/white people are the greatest cultures this world has ever seen. You are an idiot and a fool to think otherwise.

8) You are a total nut and have no right to hijack my posts with your craziness.

9) You have free speech on this site but you dont have that right on my posts. keep it up and I will block you from spamming my content.

Merry Christmas.

ShofarNexus.com ● Dec 23


1) We are in agreement. Your point is?

2) We are in agreement. Your point is?

3) There is a difference between a Muslim and Islam. The Muslim is a person and their culture is only partially based on Islam. The art of the Iranian is marvelous, the food from Turkey is great, but in neither case is it a culture worthy of being condemned. There are serious issues with Islam, but as to being the worst, history shows atheism takes the lead by far.

4) I’m taking from this you don’t want freedom in our country. Got it, and of course “Hail Victory!”

5) Do you see where your tone does not match your words?

6) As a follower of Christ, obedience to the Lord means everything. Are you familiar with Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego?

7) Have you read Proverbs 16:18? I think you know theology well enough that there are the redeemed and the condemned. There is no one who is nominal. It doesn’t take much study of European history to show what England, France, Germany, and Italy have done to the world. Is this White make right? I don’t think so. If my use of the Scripture to make my case makes me an idiot, so be it. But I prefer fool (1Co1:27).

8) I described earlier how I have demonstrated that I am you ally. If this is how you treat allies, well wow. Your post started with you using a photo that is from a defunct website with text that I have repeatedly shown here is based on falsehood. You have yet to acknowledge that, but have only attacked my character. I offered correction from a brother and you offered a less than polite response. I have remained on topic on this post, and using the term hijacking is just self-justification. It is what I stated previously, you are demonstrating you have not love (1Co13).

9) I anticipate you will block me, so lets make it clear. I have presented facts, and you have attacked me. I have offered Scripture and you have attacked me. If you cannot come back with facts to show my original statement that the photo is a lie, or demonstrate from Scripture that I misused Scripture, then you are acting as an unloving coward (Rev21:8). Be a man! Proclaim the truth! Do so with grace!

You seem to claim Christ. You have probably read Galatians 2:11. It is my hope our story will continue like 2Peter 3:15.

And Merry Christmas to you too sir.

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