Oneway Fraud
Day: Monday December 31, 2018 ● #1

In August of 2018 I joined Oneway to see if it might be a place to find others interested in serious dialog. To my joy there have been several. What is wonderful is to have a serious dialog with those who disagree with you, such as with @blade_of_truth. There are conversations with those in general but not total agreement, such a “Some Christian Guy” (@ramedia) or @srhhold, and that also is a joy.

I have been very appreciative of both the encouragement and the depth of the daily posts from @the_zealot.

However, there is a huge problem. I have demonstrated an encouragement to and technical suggestions for @derek, the owner of Oneway. While he has shown a veneer of Christianity, when he promoted a blatant lie and refused to address it but rather used less than ideal name calling, I became concerned. In an attempt to clarify things, his responses turn to personal attacks and then blocking.

Therefore I can no longer endorse his work or the Oneway site in general. Some of what I have posted, and some of the comments have been copied to my own site at, but I don’t think I will put much effort into that. Please be forewarned it is responds vastly faster than the Oneway engine.

If anyone is interested in continued serious dialog, I can be contacted via my sites ( or There has been consideration of providing services like this, but my heart is with projects like ShofarBook ( as I am trying to practice what I preach when I proclaim Leviticus 19:18.

Let me be clear that the issue with the Derek’s post is not about a US/Mexico wall, but what the text on the photo states. There is no comment that the wall does not exist, as I even pointed out that it is there for the purpose of genocide. But I also demonstrated that the photo came from a defunct site and the text was not just a minor error but a total fabrication by well over an order of magnitude. As of the date of this posting, not one has acknowledged that simple fact, which is the point of my comment.

Note also my response where I pointed out details is at:

One party, which will be obvious, has used volume but not rational dialog. I made an offer of friendship and the offer remains. While most all has already been addressed, lets examine one point, my use of “Hail Victory”. I’m actually pleased that it was recognized as the English of “Sieg Heil!” However why I used it seems to have been misunderstood.

This issue is a bit closer to me than many because my mom served the German military in the early 1940s in Poland. My mom was a literal Nazi, and my study of the era comes with that personal relationship. I am also aware of the sensationalism that is done about that period, and what it ignored, such as Operation Paperclip. We can sensationalize the idea that the US is the Fourth Reich, or we can look with a sensible mindset and find that indeed the US is the Fourth Reich. Therefore my comment of “Hail Victory” is not flippant, but a warning.

I have pointed out and continue to stand with Solomon when he wrote Ecclesiastes 1:9 “That which has been is that which will be, And that which has been done is that which will be done. So there is nothing new under the sun.” It is happening again, the technology is better and this time the language is English.

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