Perseverance in Reconciliation
Day: Saturday January 12, 2019 ● #1




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While this is personal it is set as an example of what Christian brothers are called to do in seeking reconciliation. It is serious and not fluff. It is set before you to offer an example and encouragement. May you find the joy of reconciliation!

Mr. Cross, and family,

I am appreciative that compared to Render Caines and Chris Bitterman, you have at least had some dialog with me. However, I use the term dialog loosely. You have left the table and as you may be aware, I have continued to pursue reconciliation with you.

You might have noticed that my presentation via video has refined, but even more so has my use of the Scripture. The Scripture is something I thought we shared, but evidence from your part calls that into question.

I have made my case again in a video. It was my desire to be short, but it ended up over 20 minutes. However, I suggest it is a solid and detailed exposition on the Scripture, and probably a bit deeper that you will find on most Sunday mornings.

Previously it was expressed that I would become more public. Many of my videos are not only on, but YouTube, Brighteon, and BitChute, the latter of which has proven more popular. While I don’t have a large audience, many of my videos get several hundred combined views, and this amazingly enough includes people related to Meadowview who have contacted me.

Today’s video, “Perseverance in Reconciliation”, can be found online at:

I’ll wait for perhaps a week before I put it on ButChute to broaden the audience. I do this because I am trying everything I can think of to open a serious dialog with you and reconcile.

In a previous dialog you took a compromise position on Matthew 6:24 “You cannot serve God and money.” I cannot and will not compromise the Scripture.

In a dialog on Matthew 19:1-9 you took the worldly position and ran. What you did is hateful to Dorothy-Jane by stating she is free based on twisting Matthew 5 and 19 and ignoring Mark 10 and Romans 7. As I stated on December 2, 2017 to Dorothy-Jane “The person who loves you is not your dad it is me!” (

As I have taken a bit more to the public square, I often contend on the idea of “Love the Muslim, Contend with Islam” ( I have now been call numerous foul things by many because of my stand, and you can find online that my position has only strengthen, as well as a real love for the Muslim people, because some of them end up as my brothers. However, offering grace and love to the Muslim is easy. Offering grace and love to you requires conviction on my part to follow the Lord’s commands. By the grace of God, I am attempting to live that out still today.

As I point out in the video, your proclamation on marriage is consistent with the Quran. Your previous comments on reconciliation are consistent with the Quran. Your unwillingness to dialog with me is consistent with the Quran. Do you want Surah and Ayah on that, or shall we look at the Scripture together as brothers?

Let me also remind you of another of the themes I have used. Paul publically calls out Peter in Galatians 2:11 for not living in obedience to the Lord. A few years later in Peters final words in Scripture, 2nd Peter 3:15, we see reconciliation. This is the model of Scripture, and I suggest is the model you and I should live out.

This email is online with the video. You are being called out publically. I’m not going to stop until we reconcile, or one of us is dead. This is what it is to be committed to obedience to the Lord. This is what love does. Please consider sharing in that.


John Kozlowski

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