An effort toward reconciliation - “Suckered by Encryption” - Reviving ShofarLeaks


To those that know me or not, this is fundamentally an effort toward reconciliation, which unfortunately seems to be unwelcomed in the Christian community.

It also is based on my recent video “Suckered by Encryption” as the relevance is significant.

If you ignore the rest, please at least consider the last paragraphs.

What I set before you is some history, some current events, and some goals.

It is a bit long and for the squeamish it will be uncomfortable as I point out what has been done sometimes in the name of Christ that is not in obedience to Christ.

I ask for your consideration of the article below. Please feel free to share this. Dialog is requested and more than welcomed. Reconciliation is my goal.

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John Kozlowski

On Friday, November 17, 2023 I wrote an article and put it in video form titled “Suckered by Encryption An email was sent to many stating: “You may be familiar with another gentleman who exposed what the government does from the inside, I just did from the outside.”

The following morning I got an email from Global Research with an article: “The End of Privacy Is Near.” The relationship and timing are significant as the gentleman I was referring to was Edward Snowden and the article discusses the CitizenFour documentary about him as the events unfolded.

You can find many copies of CitizenFour on BitChute:

You may now ask: what has this to do with reconciliation? EVERYTHING!

My two-man company, Heritage Systems, became rather successful, but then collapsed in the 90s. After a while I started to do contract software development and was a bit confused as I thought doing a good job was a good thing, but to my surprise many of my Christian brothers encouraged playing well in the system for all it is worth. Reflecting Christ in the workplace seemed not to be applicable. After all we were providing for our families and only stealing a little bit from our employer’s customers.

Being a bit naïve, I still attempted to do good work and found jobs suddenly ending. After more mistakes on my part I took a job as a defense contractor in Alabama. While it paid well, it did not take long to find that I was frowned upon by my peers and two Christian managers. I twice demonstrated how to save money, as in millions of dollars, but ignored and then transferred. Pointing out the waste publically was disfavored by my second Christian manager and without dialog I found myself unemployed the following day. But the story does not stop there.

Over time what I found is it wasn’t just the waste of millions of taxpayer dollars, but dead bodies on the streets. You can find a detailed description of this in my Introduction 5 video on Collateral Murder as I was a bit too close to those who pulled the trigger to kill Mr. Tomal, the Good Samaritan you see assassinated. ( If you watch my voicemails of the last year you will see a photo of Mr. Tomal’s family behind me, and to the left of that you see him being killed.

I did some more dumb things and did get some well-paying contracts. Some ended due to government imposed time limits, others for other reasons. I did get a contract with a Chattanooga company and one day at their office was examining existing data structures. I remember the moment when it became clear that it wasn’t bad design, but design for a purpose; plausible deniability. Some years later this became clear as describe in “Introduction 4: Whistleblowers ● Bush/Kerry ● People who know how” (

In my mind I was in turmoil as it seemed when I thought doing the right thing in obedience to Christ was not shared as the foremost priority seemed to be income level. I remained clumsy and because I could not in good conscience take on more software contracts I ended up grinding deer meat at a friend’s butcher shop. The pay was less.

We had moved into a doublewide and after about a year the owners wanted to move back in, so we had to leave. What transpired is with the help of the leadership of Covenant Presbyterian Church in Chattanooga, my wife stated a friend was coming by so she and the kids would have a day out. I placed my sleeping 8 month old son Zadok in a car seat and have not seen him again in 11 years. Shortly thereafter my father-in-law Jim Cross showed up with a letter stating that my wife was abandoning me. Do you know what that does to a man who loves his wife and nine kids? In my case the following day I attempted suicide. Clearly that was not successful.

While alone and still only knowing part of my proximity to some events, on November 6, 2012 was acquired as an overt attempt to be an ally to the whistleblower. It is unambiguously named with WikiLeaks in mind. The goal was to offer a technology solution, not an organization. It was a clumsy attempt, but some interaction occurred with parties in Europe, notably an Islamic gentlemen attempting to expose some of the lies about events at the time in Syria.

What ShofarNexus and the Matryoshka protocol offered was complete hiding of data and metadata. There is no external way to know any communications is taking place or between which parties. This is where it starts to become a dangerous game as this is unacceptable to the overlords.

A month following I wrote an article “Is Manning the next McCorvey?” ( While the article was about grace, over the following years the ties would be tremendous.

Two years after the start of ShofarLeaks, the project disappeared as I could not develop any traction. It seemed like it was not for me.

Four years after “Is Manning the next McCorvey?” the first of four videos was produced. On April 11, 2019 I woke to see Julian Assange being forcibly removed from the Ecuadorian Embassy in London and in less than 2 hours another video about it was online ( Since I was piecing together my proximity to events and was continuing to refine technology solutions, plus perhaps due to a maturing in my relationship with Christ, it seemed like I needed to prepare for the next step. A few days later on April 15, 2019 was reacquired, but remained dormant.

During that time I did some experiments on doing public videos and tackled some weighty issues.

While I was pleased with the “‘N’ Words” video ( and used two ‘N’ words repeatedly, I think the best was “Black Families Matter” ( I suggest the closing words, seen in red in the article, are very much worth considering. Since I did the art, it was made public and uploaded to OpenClipArt ( It brought me great joy to get a comment on it:


2021-07-06 16:33:12+00

wow first upload since 2018? welcome and a great start :)”


A series of videos to my kids were edited and made public as the Foundation series ( It was an encouragement as each video was getting about 200 views in the first week and dialog occurred. Perhaps the most important to me was “Foundation ● Kaiser Kurios (Caesar is Lord) ● Sieg Heil (Hail Victory) ● Social Distancing?” ( as it was censored by YouTube as hate speech. I suggest considering the last minute of the video. “That’s me. Is that you?”


I planned on two videos on the word “Heterodidaskaleō” a different teaching, and “Pseudodidaskalos” a false teacher. However after the first I inserted a video describing “Andrapodistēs” enslaver ( This might have been a turning point as you will find slavery has become very much a focus.

Let me add once more for those seeing this for the first time, the girl that I often use an image of and labeled as the “Nestle Girl” has grabbed my heart. This is a still from a BBC report on slave labor in the Ivory Coast. What I saw was not the look of the girl, but a girl looking at me. What stands out if you look at the full photo is the bracelet on her arm which to me shows this is a little girl. But the strap on her back is untied, which to me indicated her mom was not nearby. I don’t know her name, but she has my heart.

About a month later I did a video “Seriously, Go Buy a Slave!” ( I highly recommend it today and it has had an impact on me.

You will also find information about Oleg Melnikov and Alternative, the organization he started. This man has my respect. At 18 years of age he started freeing slaves. In over a decade he freed over 1,900 slaves and it appears to have cost him his life. He has my respect! I have photos of him on my wall at home.

Collateral Pipeline

In December of 2022 I described “Collateral Pipeline ● the Collateral Murder for our time” ( This was an attempt to explain the need to protect whistleblowers, give context as to the possible costs, and offer a viable solution for some.

With what could be done for the whistleblower in mind, my heart was also drawn to the slave, notably in the cocoa industry as I am a cocoa addict. It became clear that what I had to offer was probably of little benefit for most. But there was one area that I could directly impact: sexual slavery.

The ecosystem idea for distributed storage and computing was developed and this would put into the hands of individuals, not an organization that could be monitored or compromised, the power to fight back for some. It is a way to perhaps set free someone under threat by offering the shield of a dead-man-switch that only the victim controlled.

It also became clear that on the large stage of sexual slavery it is not the facilitators that are the ones to contend with, but the customers. Put a pimp in jail and the customer finds another pimp. Expose the high profile customer, and we have a different situation. This is not the thing I can do, but ShofarLeaks can provide the tools for others to have a fighting chance. Have you ever seen the Epstein client list? Will you see the next list? May I suggest a way that someone could make it available? Consider again the response of the overlords.

Modern day slavery

On January 10, 2023 “Modern day slavery – from cocoa to sex – offering a fighting chance for some” went online ( It was one of the most difficult videos for me to record. Except for the last moments, it is simply images with my voiceover. The recording session did not go well as I collapsed into tears multiple times. At the 12:49 point you hear the following:

Fifth is one or more young adept technical people to come up to speed on the project to one day make it their own. Be clear on this, it is an offer for hell on earth. You have to know why you want this and have a backbone.

This had to be recorded multiple times. Do you understand why? It is still hard for me to read today.

Not too many days later a person who knew nothing about the video stated to me “you know about these things” and then asked for help for a family member that I have described as an 80% fit for ShofarLeaks. This had an impact on me.

Suddenly I was handed funding for ShofarNexus and ShofarLeaks that would last me 6 months. I became deeply focused on the technology and made significant strides. I also attempted to find others to be involved, and stumbled badly, with an emphasis on badly.

The goals of ShofarLeaks were refined and I had a business card printed to be able to hand to people. The goals are:

Protecting the Whistleblower

Freeing the Sex Slave

Facilitating Reconciliation

Facilitating Reconciliation

Let me explain “Facilitating Reconciliation”. What has become clear is that if you are part of a collective and become a whistleblower, rightly or wrongly, you can be more than shunned by the rest of the collective. This can be costly emotionally, economically, or to your life. What can be done? From the perspective of ShofarLeaks, how can technology help?

There are at least two ways. First is to facilitate anonymous dialog between the separated person and one who is still in the collective. There might be someone in the collective willing to reconcile privately but for any reason cannot allow the rest of the collective to know. Even this private reconciliation can be fantastic. ShofarLeaks might make that possible.

Then there is the outreach to the collective. This can be done with an anonymous email list. It is a method to open dialog. It can also be a method to put pressure on a closed collective.

Consider how this might be applied. While without the ShofarLeaks technology, an outreach was repeatedly made to the leadership of Covenant Presbyterian Church in Chattanooga for anyone to simply show up at my door a few miles away to privately reconcile. This is been repeatedly and publically declared. The list of the leadership willing to do so is a null set. I wonder if the congregation takes confidence in that.

Personally I have attempted to be the facilitator of reconciliation in the issues around Ukraine, something that suddenly has left the news. After some weeks of attempting to open the door, on July 6, 2022 I had a face-to-face meeting with Pastor Andrey Yakovenko of Living Stones Church in Cleveland through an interpreter, his son. It was my early effort to understand the tensions that might be here locally in reference to those of Russian and Ukrainian cultures, as both are represented at that church. It was a joy to do. The sentiment seemed to be that there was little tension locally.

I have also had face-to-face dialogs with at least two other parties, one from Ukraine and one from either Ukraine or Russia, as that was not clear. What I sensed was a focus on political differences and the other people are bad. To see this was enlightening.

But it did not stop there. I have had bidirectional dialogs with people in Donetsk and Moscow. What I saw was the door is open, but I don’t think I have the skillset to do this part, it is extremely time consuming, and it causes a lot of tears. I’m the technology guy and want to support those who can do this. I have yet to find one to do so. Interested parties are welcomed to contact me.

Ecosystem Model

The ecosystem business model was refined so that ShofarNexus technology could become self-funding as anyone could step into the ecosystem as a vendor to make money with it without asking permission and have to pay anyone to do so. It opens the door to sub-ecosystems, such as a local community in Uganda or Texas. It also allows the ecosystem vendors to tap a multi-billion dollar market in distributed storage alone. I started suggesting the idea that 1% of a billion dollar market is better than 90% of a million dollar one. Some people got it. But yet not one to drive it.

Due to my missteps, funding ran out. Additional funding did come in from a couple people but their pockets were not as deep. So in September 2023 ShofarLeaks and ShofarNexus development stopped.


When you watch CitizenFour you will see early in the video the construction taking place of the Utah Data Center and concerns expressed on what it means. Suckered by Encryption shows it operational and explains why it is a concern today. ShofarNexus offers a solution.

In CitizenFour at the hour and 36 minute point you see Ladar Levison, who I have a lot of respect for. He had a company, Lavabit, which offered private email. He had a customer named Edward Snowden. The US Government forced Levison to give them the keys to his servers so they could obtain Snowden’s traffic, as well as others. He complied by printing the keys in a small decorative font so that it would be hard to make immediate use of. It bought him time to wipe out his servers and put himself out of business. I have respect for this man. ShofarNexus could provide a similar secure email service, but no vendor would have any key.

In CitizenFour at both the 16 minute mark and at 1:39 you see Jacob Applebaum describe how little bits of data are linked together to know you and your relationships. Suckered by Encryption shows this linking happening and even how it can be used to simply bypass encryption.

In 2015 I wrote an article “Are TOR holes intentional?” ( Sometime later an associate of Applebaum wrote about the article and me in less than kind terms. He was the head of the TOR project which is funded by the US intelligence community. Do you trust TOR?

In CitizenFour In-Q-Tel is mentioned. Who are they? It is the funding arm of the CIA to seed corporations that would provide services they desire, or want to control. Have they done this with anyone we know? Are you familiar with Google or Facebook?

In CitizenFour Edward Snowden passes off a large amount of leaked data to the reporters who later formed the news site The Intercept with funding from Pierre Omidyar. Early on some documents were released publically and the rest were to be released periodically post a review. The releases have stopped and the vast majority of what Snowden passed off remains hidden. The ShofarNexus distributed storage model would prevent a leaker’s data from being silenced. The dead-man-switch technology could allow for scheduled releases, irrespective of what happens to the leaker.

Empowering the victim

Some may remember the school shooting in Uvalde, Texas in 2022. Many kids died, but two notable ones did not. A mom arrived on the scene while the shooting was happening, Angeli Rose Gomez. After some less than ideal interaction with the police she hopped the fence and went into the school while the police remained waiting outside. She had conviction and was willing to risk everything as it wasn’t just some kids, but her kids. She came out of the school with her two kids alive.

It is my wholehearted desire not to give power to organizations or authorities, but individuals, friends, and parents. The next Angeli Rose Gomez. The next one came.

In this case it involved organ harvesting, adrenochrome, and the Right Sector. It was parents that freed some, but for some reason most will stay away from this. Keep in mind that man’s laws mean nothing to those in power. Those who give you the aura of government protection will typically protect themselves first.

I want to hand the next parent the tools as the problem remains not the perpetrator, but the customer. When the customer is high profile and in power, it is high risk. For the observer it is something to avoid. For those directly impacted, I want to give a fighting chance for some.

What happens now?

I am now days away from perhaps complete collapse. Allies are few and resources are less. I have no internal government documents to leak, just solutions to offer. What I do scares people, or as one party stated “you are on the wrong side of the NSA”. But then there is Hebrews 13:6 “So we can confidently say, ‘The Lord is my helper; I will not fear; what can man do to me?’

I have observed the grief of many. Interacted with some via email. Talked with many face-to-face. Seen the direct impact of the Lord’s grace. Do you think I will give up? NO!

I made a promise to my wife to do what I can to live to be 90. At 2 months away from 68 I am extremely healthy and may make the goal, however it appears I will do so alone. If the Lord allows, my focus for my remaining days is to bless. While I have a mind to do so, it remains my goal to deliver ShofarNexus for the next generation, which includes my own kids, the people I have interacted with, those I don’t expect to meet, and perhaps your kids.

Edward Snowden is not welcomed back by the US government. There is little that holds me to Cleveland, so I have stated that if a way to continue comes up that moves me to another place, I will go. It could be Moscow, Uganda, Texas, just Lord please not California.

There are three gentlemen that have been in my daily prayers in hope of reconciling with at least one: Jim Cross my father-in-law, Render Caines, and Chris Bitterman. The desire remains. Gentlemen, please give me a call.

My youngest child, Zadok, turned 12 recently. I have never celebrated a birthday with him, had a face-to-face conversation with him, or heard his voice on the phone in 7 years. If he stood in front of me I would not recognize him. Mail I send to him, as with my other kids, is censored and returned. While this is in violation of man’s law, it is the Lord’s command to love. Do you see love in isolating the dad? It is not following Christ, so what is it?

As clearly stated in “Marriage Defined and a Commitment Beyond” (, I love my wife and remain fully committed to her and her alone. My typical end to my over 1,800 voicemails ( is “my lady, I love you and want you back.” That stands! My focus is reconciliation. This could be for my family, a family in a foreign land, or your family.

The cost to you

If you want to be involved in what I am striving to do, feel more than invited. Especially if you are the one to drive the project and allow me to get back to my corner writing software, I want to hear from you. Today would be a good day for that. My name is John Kozlowski. My email is Isn’t that simple? Contact me!

But there is a less than subtle point that should be considered. Remember the linking issue mentioned in CitizenFour and demonstrated how it is done in “Suckered by Encryption”? You got this email. Get the point? Do you fear man or the Lord?

Feel free to share this.

The Kozlowski Family

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